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A TOTALLY NEW gallery has been added

Our BLACK PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY presents a new generation of abstract photography; each image is self-coloring during formation. The new process uses only light energy generated by the object to create the image, rather than the man made pigments or dyes used in traditional artwork to reflect a color spectrum available in ambient light to create the image. The energy spectrum emitted during the black photography process is an unbounded, natural array of complex visible and near visible colors that materialize as entwined shapes that advance, recede then ebb to elegant extinction. Even off palette colors remain linked to the dominant hues that resolve into the final representation. Our resulting pictures are not merely abstractions of objects from the visible world, though may have that appearance, because they did exist at one time as a virtual light energy sculpture carved from total darkness. Our BLACK PHOTO gallery includes a sample of recently completed selected pieces; several of which have been invited to national competitions and will be on public display this Spring

Current Galleries

We frequently rotate client, principal and commissioned galleries that we support with reproduction, and contract printing services. All gallery images copyrights are retained by the original artist and may not be available for commercial sale without prior artist authorization. Please submit your questions regarding any specific art piece and we will respond after conferring with the original artist. Check back often because gallery contents are updated regularly.